Supporting Women through
Pregnancy, Birth and at Home

The word Doula comes from the Greek meaning slave or assist. A Doula can assist a mother with anything from prenatal care to at home baby care. A mother may choose to either have a Birthing Doula or a Postpartum Doula or both

The benefits of having a Birthing Doula include relaxation techniques which allow for the expecant mother to be as comfortable and confident as possible. Having a Doula lessons the chances of a long and painful labor as well as lessens the chances of having a Cesarean Section. 


There are also many benefits to having a Postpartum Doula , which are having an extra person around while mom gets some rest, having help with household chores, getting the baby's room ready, helping out with older children and so much more.

Tel: 347-205-0454

Stephanie Javois

Birthing and Postpartum Doula

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